Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Wounded Platoon!

I was thinking I wonder if the Movember Group will do their men's wellbeing campaign again this year and mental health has been a part of a number of my correspondence this week, when the following programme came on the TV. If we cannot prepare our troops for the nightmare they are thrown into,often as raw recruits,and then expect them to perform to their optimum even after above normal trauma levels have been reached by being in the combat zone longer then prescribed, then at the very least there should be support for them when they return and not simply let them be disgarded into society as damaged people. They are fighting for our freedoms why cannot they be eligable for justice and re-abilitation before they ruin their own lives that of others and end up in jail, almost for serving their country. This is not new people have suffered post taumatic disorders since WW2 through Vietnam and the present conflicts , why are these guys paying for George W.Bush's desire to finish his fathers work from 10 years previously?

More service personel have commited suicide upon their return home then have been lost in the Iraq or Afgan conflicts together!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Please don't take our children! I hope family law injustice never seperates his children..from him!
Rather like the Raoul Moat case what lead to this Father taking such extreme measures? Hey people leave these kids alone!!! Yet they still insist the Family Law Courts remain secret , not to protect the kids more to hide the ineffectual Judges and incompitent social workers! Once again the BBC put this on whist the second half of Coronation Street is being watched, such a major story yet they still seek to brush it under the carpet..WHY?

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I will give them another 100 days to sort this!

Dear; (click on origional blog title above to copy and send your version of this letter!)
18th August 2010
The Rt. Hon. David Cameron Prime Minister.
The Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg Deputy Prime Minister.

Family Law Reform.

This could prove an easy proposition as the only alteration in present law needed is an equality in parental responsibility in the true best interest of the children involved in separation cases, along with an understanding of parental alienation and false allegations,
It is hoped that Justice Minister, the Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clarke M.P. will take a more robust view of failing Law makers such as Lord Justice Ward who claims he is unable to enforce court orders on parents who fail to adhere to contact arrangements, most often the mother, if he or more accurately the Family judge what is their purpose?

I see little merit in social services being involved in Family court matters and most especially Tony Blair’s 10 year old brain child CAFCASS who in my opinion should be disbanded forthwith and would ask the Children’s Minister the Rt. Hon. Michael Gove M.P. to review the practises of social services who on one hand simply propagate future work for themselves by disrupting already fractured families and on the other hand serve the previously referred to ineffectual judges as scapegoats for their misjudgements based on social workers pre-empted reports.

I have high regard for DWP Minister the Rt. Hon. Ian Duncan-Smith and know he is aware of the injustices that are blighting our societies by the young from broken homes, but I would urgently appeal to the Minister to review the role of the CSA. Far from preventing child poverty in the UK, it in fact causes hardship on good caring and hard working parents (more often fathers) whilst propping up the appalling system that renders good parents ruined and broke and offers little support for children, whilst pandering to self interested and feckless parents!

The prospect of this coalition Government offers some positive hope to these proposals as their are existing reformers with in the backbenchers who include Norfolk M.P. Henry Bellingham, Beaconsfield M.P. Dominic Grieve,
Birmingham M.P. John Hemming who along with his Lib-Dem Colleague for Haringey Lynne Featherstone M.P. who have both experienced the worst incompetence of British Social services which has become a national disgrace and affects the whole rotten system yet we are expected to allow them to continue to influence Family Court Judgements!

I have received the same off pat letter from the Department of Justice on two previous enquires to my local M.P. and the very same letter was passed to me from the CSF department in Crewe Cheshire after making my views known to Her majesty the Queen and feel those of us who have been so adversely affected by this system deserve a better response from our new Government!

I have sent Mr. Cameron, Mr.Clegg and my own M.P. a hard copy and e-mail of this blog/letter!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

An Appeal that won't cost you a penny, but could save you......

...alot of Heartache! (There is another film within the origional title; click above.)

Some time ago I was accused of conducting a so called scatter-gun approach to my campaigns, so took this on board, honed my technique and became more focused in my approach! Today I offer you my ultimate World4Justice campaign which culminates on 31/12/10 at 23.59 by which time we should see reform in the Family Courts and our Social Services world wide! But I need your help to achieve this equality in parenting ad respect that both parents are beneficial to their children whils safeguards are put inplace against vilent or abusive parents including mums and to outlaw dfase allegations and parental alienation! I would appeal to those who critisised me all they time ago to respect my eagerness to do what is right and offer thier support over the next 4+ months?

There are now over 500 million Facebook subscribers let us see how many will help us lobby our world... leaders I have invited over 3200 friends it took 10 mns , if we all did this we could make this the biggest campaign on Facebook, just come on board with your group, organisation,blog yourself and lets work together to get theses laws reformed world wide, campaigning starts September 1st in the USA so bring your petitions links etc and we can all support you! 1 week later will be Australia , following week UK, the Canada, NewZealand, Singapore and Greece...New Years eve is the deadline lets make it happen!
Family Law Reform;!/event.php?eid=148915085119838&ref=mf
Social Services (SS,CPS, CYF & CAFCASS) Reform;!/event.php?eid=103621133029944&ref=mf
You don't have to be a fan of Facebook just use it as a tool as I do along with DIGG Topix etc!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

USA Campaign Launch: 1st September 2010!

The initial launch to our campaign will start Stateside from the 1st September 2010 till 11th September 2010 – The 9th anniversary of the 9/11 World Trade Tower attack! (Click on original blog title above to see how the ‘local’ campaign is progressing where you are!)
Our emphasis is on justice from the terrorists within who undermine and erode our societies from the Family Court and so called Child Protection Services!!/event.php?eid=148915085119838&ref=mf!/event.php?eid=103621133029944&ref=mf

Australia: 12th September 2010 to 18th September 2010.
UK: 19th September 2010 to 25th September 2010.
(Culminating with the Big March for Justice on Saturday 25th Sept 2010, in London!)
Canada: 26th September 2010 to 2nd October 2010.
New Zealand: 3rd October 2010 to 9th October 2010.
Greece/ Singapore: 10th October 2010 to 16th October 2010.

This is only the beginning and the campaigns will be maintained until the leaders fulfill the reforms we demand, think of it as a Ten-Pin bowling alley, as once one Government falls ( My money is on Australia to be first) the others must surely follow!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Australian’s Unite!

I have this week been introduced to yet another Fathers cause in Australia and whilst their motives are sound and they will receive all the support and encouragement my time allows me, I feel it is now time that all these worthy organizations throughout the land should come together and pool resources in one direction. F4J, Dads in distress Gov backed as is Dadsonair website where as Dadsonair the Radio show is not, along with countless other excellent and honorable groups, causes and individuals should come together to combat the common foe. Australia has endured just under 4 years of Kevin Rudd who from here in London seemed to bare an uncanny political resemblance to our one eyed Scottish fool who similarly put his head in the sand on the most crucial issues, complaining about coastal erosion along the Australian coastline whilst ignoring the erosion in societies morals thanks in large part to the injustices purveyed in Family Courts and the incompetents of CYF.

I think you have your work cut out with Julia Gilliard! A wise friend from Hobart once asked who will be the first country to fall and as the Australian Family Court system , whilst far from ideal is someway further along then the rest of the world maybe his answer lies closer then he may have thought and once the reforms are achieved here, it will only be a matter of time before New Zealand , Canada, the USA and the original perpetrator of this unsatisfactory law here in the UK will follow suite! So come on Guy’s be our new frontiersmen of the 21st century and get out message out there and get it higher on the political agenda so in turn the law can be changed, let us direct all our efforts in one direction and pool our valuable resources’ in one worth while cause and I will keep you updated via my blogs with contact details an specific campaigns…….until the message gets through via the media till the political leaders act

Give us a break! Davey takes on Take a Break!

I was sitting in the car the other day waiting for my wife to return from collecting a prescription from Boots, so found myself flipping the pages of a Take a Break magazine which I knew my wife enjoyed completing the competitions so felt I could lend a hand, but what I found was a little more then disappointing.
The editorial seemed to be from the dark ages reminding me of the suffragettes of 100 years ago through to women’s lib of the 1960’s and on to the long running BBC radio programme Woman’s Hour ( which Davey still takes pride in the fact that I spammed their message board out of existence on the subject of Family Law where women already enjoy the bias!)
The article in question, appeared on page 17, 29th July 10, titled ‘Raising Baby Together’ with a sub heading “It used to be mother’s job to set the rules, do we really want fathers poking their nose in?”
God, I thought this kind of biased bigotry went out with burning bra’s, surely not today and if the tables were turned this would be outlawed under the Sexual Discrimination Act.
Throughout 6 years of campaigning, and in the face of the blatant prejudices from the closed Family Court, where sexual discrimination and injustice are their stock in trade, yet still in all my writings have managed to maintain a balanced view in the realization there are many fair-minded mothers doing a very good job, so why not here?

I would accept it might have been hard 50 or 60 years ago for a Dad to leave the mine or foundry and adopt the mother’s role in the home, but today we are a more sophisticated breed and short of childbirth there is very little we would not be unable to provide over and above the mandatory sperm and cash! Women have long fought for equal rights especially in the work place so why is there this insistence a father should not take on his full parental responsibilities including taking up the slack should the mother wish to pursue a career too? Dads can do the school run, prepare meals and lunch boxes, help with homework as well as offer reassurance and encouragement when your child is anxious, it is not a contest Dad is not trying to out do mum and it shouldn’t be the other way round, they may just take a different approach which in the end should ultimately be to the benefit of the children!
One sad equality I have observed in my years of study is that some women are equally capable of child abuse as some men!
In a further article page 25 in the 15th July 10 edition, a mother started to run a hot bath leaving a toddler it the bathroom unattended whilst she went to fetch his pyjamas from the next room, the child climbed into the scolding water and sustained 25% burns and some 3 degree burns and the picture revealed the little lad in bandages from head to foot yet far fro chastisement the mother was rewarded for her letter to the magazine when in my view she should have been prosecuted for neglect and can you imagine if this happened to a child that was in the care of his father during contact, the judge would probably ban him from seeing his child ever again!
The final article I wish to highlight from what I am beginning to realize is quite an erroneous publication, is the plight of an 11 year old girl raped and allowed to give birth to the resulting child: also in the 15th July 10 edition. For one thing they blanked out the babies face but although they claim they changed the 11 year olds name she too should have had her face blanked (She too is only a child Ladies) or better still not publish this sensationalized story in the first place, allowing this child and her child to be supported robustly but privately behind closed doors, life does not need to be seen from the eyes of ‘Jeremy Kyle’ all the time!
As I have said I write 3 blogs on worldwide issues relating to Family Law and Child Welfare and of my 100’s of readers a high proportion are women ( at first I thought Family Court is an anti man thing, it is in fact an anti good parent device) and I feel sure most of those who correspond with me would be insulted themselves to read this outdated, biased and bigoted clap-trap promoted by this innocent sounding Take a break magazine. Furthermore they feel so hard done by society they are continually launching campaigns against how they see themselves being wronged, What more do they want? If you get pregnant at 14 or 16 the state will provide you with a home and 18 years of benefits, the workplace is now equal in law for women , the elderly and those who have immigrated here and far more equal then any father faces in the Family Courts!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Boycott The System!

If I were to give separating parents advice, and most especially the unsuspecting fathers who’s determination to do what is right for their children will invariably lead to separation not only from their former partner or wife but all too often there children, I would tell them not to set foot inside a Family Law Solicitor’s office with the aim of taking the matter to court.
I was considering the points I wished to make in this blog when I read Carole Malone’s Column ‘Spot the Victim’
and her comparison between the care lavished on Jon Venables, who as a ten year old killed little Jamie Bulger now as an adult and a number of identity changes has become a 27 year old paedophile keen on trawling the internet to satisfy his craving, and the care of Little Khyra Ishaq!
This was the 7 year old child whose mother and partner allowed her to starve to death in a main district of Birmingham in the West Midlands whilst NOT allowing concerned social workers, who at one time ignored pleas from Khyra’s natural father when he raised his concerns, access to the little girl who was also deprived school and left to live in squallier till she wasted away through lack of access to the fully stocked family refrigerator!!

Returning to our Fathers heading lemming like to the family solicitor note the over use of the words ‘access’ and ‘allowing’ in the previous paragraph, and consider the incompetence of the social workers, these are the same incompetents who neglected Baby Peter & Victoria Climbe in Haringay North London and no matter where you are in the UK you will face similar incompetence from social workers if they intervene in your court case, or worse the appalling CAFCASS!
I entirely concurred with Carole Malone’s view in her article when I made my own comparisons; that of Child Murderer Ian Huntley, and well father’s like me who have gone through the Family court system.
Huntley showed no remorse for killing two little girls in Soham Cambridgeshire some years ago, in fact I wonder if anyone else noticed, very much like the infamous Dr. Shipman, showed utter contempt when they were confronted by the press before being arrested as if to say “I know something you don’t”
This week we learn that having sustained an attempted cut throat whilst in prison his contemptuous behavior is now leading him to take proceedings to sue the authorities for £100,000 which overall and like Venable’s benevolent treatment could cost the tax payer £250,000. The victim’s rights are never considered yet these two are allowed to continue to enjoy theirs!

Now compare that to a father like myself who was concerned to show stability to my children throughout separation proceedings and having spent some £32,000 in 2004 was granted a joint residency order, weekly overnight stays, alternate weekends and all the school holidays shared, something I had hoped would serve to offer stability and routine in my children’s lives for at least the next 6 years when they would both attend secondary school and in my opinion would be mature enough to decide which parent they would be with at particular times and adopt a more relaxed approach after the restraints of the court orders. In addition to this I provided a second family home equal distance to both schools as the former family home they shared with their mother, what I did not anticipate was a systematic unraveling of this perfectly reasonable situation primarily by the mother but condoned and supported over the interim 4 years by solicitors, Family Court judges and social services and in spite of no anti molestation orders or other restraining mechanisms being put in place and in spite of no detrimental reports by the afore mentioned social services that would justify my contact being stopped it only took the mother to say no and her action in that time lead to me not only having my children withheld and subsequently alienated, which in turn lead to my own bankruptcy whilst my ex partner and new boy friend (who had not spent 30 seconds in a family Court) taking possession of my share in the former home and unrestricted access to my children!
Once again the likes of Huntley are lavished with rights which many fathers could only dream of and if this prejudice affected anyone else in society it would be deemed illegal!!
In an unprecedented act of commonsense this new coalition Government in the form of Home Secretary Teresa May has succumbed to the 10 year campaign by Sara Payne who’s campaign along with Baby Peter, and Family Law crisis inspired my original blog last October, and who’s daughter Sarah was murdered by a convicted sex offender Roy Whiting at the age of 8. So called Sarah’s Law will alert parents of sex offenders, lets hope this includes the afore mentioned Venables, living in their neighbourhoods and whilst there are the usual bleats of vigilantism, providing false allegations are dealt with robustly, let this be a stronger deterrent then
any Government, Law or System could purvey!

Lest we forget!

Lest we forget!
In the year we saw the last of the World War One ‘Tommy’s’ complete his journey on this earth and many World War Two warriors now considering how many more memorials they will attend especially in foreign lands, we appreciate what their lives and those who did not return stand for in giving us freedom of speech and a quality of life many of us take for granted and my thoughts of my late father a peace loving man facing the horror of war from the rear gunning turret of a Lancaster Bomber. (click on picture to see him arrive in the US) My Dad, Eddie (1921-1990)

Listen to the Children!

Listen to the Children!
click on picture for video

Dad is the WORD!

Dad is the WORD!
Darby Jay has a point doesn't he?

Family Justice review e-petition

Family Justice review e-petition
Sign against it NOW!

Roy Wood

Roy Wood
Tell me a story Minister! There ain't no time left to lose!


Are we all prisoners to ourselves?

You thought you had problems?

Time to fix this broken Family Law!


Has it caught up with us?

Are you Hammer or Anvil?

Are you Hammer or Anvil?
Even authority can become voulnerable when WRONG!

Family Justice Reform?

Family Justice Reform?
Lets work together!

It is all about the children...

It is all about the children...
..even at Buckingham Palace!

Kids......this is a role model!

Kids......this is a role model!
(I once saw Lennox Lewis in Mayfair, a big man not just in statue: Davey)

e-petiton for equal parenting in law!

e-petiton for equal parenting in law!
Not much to ask really!

Kings of Rock (any dispute?) click on Guitar

Kings of Rock (any dispute?) click on Guitar
Status Quo have not expressed their opinion of this site, this is just here for light relief to a heavy subject!

100 years on could this be the fete of our ecomony and democracy?

100 years on could this be the fete of our ecomony and democracy?
Ask Nigel Farage!


I hope so!

Just who exactly do they represent?

The Legacy!

The Legacy!
Daveyone Bows-Out!