Monday, 19 July 2010

Washington DC July 23rd-25th 2010 campaign!

If you can't get to Washington DC this coming weekend then tell the President and First Lady your take on how Family Law and CPS should be reformed in your County, your State your Country as a whole!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

DC Rally for Family Rights 2010 : Be there!

Here is one not to miss in World4Justice year 2010!

23rd July 2010 06:00AM
"Children Need Both Parents"
Host:Organizers and Groups to be announced
Type:Causes - Rally
Start Time:Friday, July 23, 2010 at 6:00am
End Time:Sunday, July 25, 2010 at 6:00pm
Location:Washington, D.C.
City/Town:Washington, DC

Follow all the latest news in the USA and let us know your news here;

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Am I a Cameron/ Moat Facebook decenter?

Well whilst I am on Facebook I am not about to pay tribute to Raoul Moat in the wake of the slaying of one man , blinding of a police officer and serious injury to his former partner, I do have reservations about what became a Police/Media witch-hunt and I would suggest David Cameron's notion that you can put a full stop and move on (sounds like Social Services speak) from Moat's death is markedly premature!
Before I installed my full stop in this sorry saga I would seek a full investigation into what the role the Social Services played and whilst Newcastle is in the limelight here, the whole system nationally is severely flawed and a sham! I would also seek a revue of police procedure again Northumbria here but something the Police service could well do with looking at as a whole. This case seemed to unfold with a frenzy , maybe unsurprising in the wake of the Cumbrian shooting not far west from the Moat incident but is this case the end result almost took on an air of we will get him anyway ..and I am in part reminded of the Jean Charles de Meneses shooting in South London but of course recognise in that case he was an innocent man swept up in the aftermath of 7/7.
I would strongly urge Mr. Cameron to hold on to his full stop for just a little longer and apply it following a top to tail reform of the Family Court system which not only blights our society but is the bench mark for all other Anglophile nations around the world and accounts for many thousands of suicides around the world!

Moat's experiences obviously took him over the edge of reason, he was reported as a violent man, high on steroids,and obviously had some mental health issues, although those final tapes seemed to reveal a clear thinking and intelligent thought process, but any sympathy for him was lost when he attacked 3 people with a gun before ultimately his own death.

But, and I know it is a big but, there are many of us mild mannered, non violent, non criminal men who have gone through the process, acted on all the Family Courts recommendations, respectfully, quietly and politely in what we believe is our children's best interest although often in the face of lies and manipulation by Social Services and the offending CAFCASS even undergoing psychiatric reports and coming through with a clean bill of health, and an entitlement of regular access to one's own children, then arriving at the state imposed contact brandishing nothing more then the contact order (not worth the paper it is written on) you are still faced with the prospect of spending 10 hours in a police cell if the mother (more often) complains of harassment even though you have adhered fully to the letter of the (civil) law and,as I did, face 4 court appearances in 3months each time the CPS trumping up an alternative accusation each less incredible then the last..."He is an alcoholic your honour.." "...then how come all the High Street chains allow him to drive a 40 ton truck each day for a living?" until you are told to leave court with no case to answer!

Yet you still feel inclined to e-mail the local police to inform them you have simply handed your child a Birthday card at the school gate although you have only seen that child a handful of times in the past 3 years and in spite of the aforementioned contact order, is it any wonder it is enough to send any one up the wall dressed as a superhero? Yet the previous Government and it would appear this so called Coalition want to brand these peaceful activists 'extremists' is it any wonder therefore those with a weaker mental constraint such as Raoul Moat end up with an overwhelming paranoia for the state of our Law?

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Probably the most important campaign I have seen! Hallimond Be advised! Freedom Advocacy & Law has now filed the Class Action at the International Criminal Court as well as the International Court of Justice....Neither Courts have so far rejected the Action, so lets keep the number of people adding their names coming!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Is this our opportunity? A world appeal!

Having declared 2010 as World4Justice Year on the Antimisandry board on 8th December 2009, I am delighted that halfway through the year some recognition was realised on Sun-Talk and even more complementary on the latest edition of RFFJ newsletter this weekend!

What stood out for me was Toon's ability to bring together all the current thinking on Family Law issues in one page from a collaboration on Sun-Talk to Peter Morris recent visit to Stormont as well as Sam Hallimond and crew's challenge to the very ethos of many Family Court misjudgements and of cause the very excellent RFFJ who I suggested on my interview they should b the first port of call for newly separating fathers rather then the expected expensive Lawyer!

Could this be our chance?

I have long since advocated that we should all come together and take this fight in a single direction! This to include those of us who have made the correlation between incompetent social service reports and many regretful judgements..lets make The Sun our focal point!

The Sun will be covering the aftermath of the Raoul Moat story on Monday and whilst there will be little sympathy for the Guy in question having shot 3 people one fatally before finally being cornered and turning the gun (reportedly) on himself this does highlight the Family Law , social services and police involvement in civil matters that when they get out of hand so often result in criminal proceedings!

So let me appeal to you to use this chance to get your message across from wherever you are in the world and direct it to the highest selling by far newspaper in the UK and allow our new found friend's to promote our cause!

E-mail Chris Stevens Station Producer with you take on Family Law, Social services incompetence and related issues;

Gaunty with you news of the Day;

Deirdre Sanders with your concerns over how social services are working for children ;
and of course tune into Gaunty's show from 10:00 to 13:00 and Martel's show 13:00 to 16:00 (London time)

Make this our time!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Solve this Australia and the rest of the world will follow!

Attorney-General Hon Robert McClellend M.P

Hon. Chris Bowen M.P.

Davey's view; I have long since realised that Australian Family Law is ahead of the world in many respects and the court system is the most open, but here once again a good job is spoiled by a ha'peth of tar and loopholes are allowed to turn what should be clear black and white statements to a murkey grey where the injustices we are concerned about can manifest.
This is best illustrated in the 3rd papragraph of the first page of the letter above;
Family Law Act 1975 requires individuals to participate in family dispute resolution (mediation) before attending court, (Fine so far , but then) unless one of the exceptions applies- such as family violence, child abuse or urgency. (whatever urgency is in this context?)
My questions would be is this applicable if it is the mother who is violent , abusive or erm Urgent? and don't you see, this is the sort of thing that can lead to PAS or false allegations which the courts (everywhere) lap up and nearly always give the benefit of the doubt to the moter and thus covering their backs till some vigilant social worker proves other wise. This is a great pity as the very next paragraph suggests a presumption of equal parenting ( which once again is fine) then they wheel out that old humbug 'in the best interest of the child' and who determins that the court , the social worker or as we all know the mother and what could be a workable arrangement is hi-jacked once again and the courts fail to act!

I believe we all need to act swiftly and Lobby the new P.M Julia Gillard so these fundamental flaws are rectified so the laws offered in Australia may well prove to be the template for the rest of the world!

Dear Mr.President!

When you ask of these men to serve their country........................ you not feel they should be served better upon their hopeful return?


Good morning,
Independence Day is a wonderful opportunity to come together with family and friends to celebrate our country and the life we all enjoy. But the freedoms and rights that characterize our nation would not be possible without the brave men and women in uniform and the families that support them.
This Independence Day, I have a special message for all Americans about supporting our military families:

Our military families are tested each day. Multiple and extended deployments mean that children often don’t see their moms or dads for long periods of time. Civilian spouses juggle the demands of work and family without their partners for long stretches of time. Family members serve as primary care givers for our wounded warriors, and too many families bear the heartbreaking reality of moving forward with their lives while keeping the memory of our fallen heroes alive. Through it all, military families contribute countless hours to supporting other military families, being role models to our children, and making communities stronger.
A small percentage of Americans fight our wars, but we need 100 percent of Americans to support these brave men and women and their families back home. Here are some things you can do in your community to get started:
Stay informed about the activities and concerns of military families in your community and across the nation;
Take time out to get to know and express appreciation to military families;
Help ensure military families have the opportunity to share their stories and voice their concerns in your community;
Help ensure the places where you work, worship and participate in community life connect their activities to addressing military families' unique challenges; and
Identify opportunities in your communities to tap into the unique skills, experience and commitment to service our military families display each day.
To all of our military families serving this Nation around the world, I offer my sincerest thank you. Your courage, service, and sacrifice are an inspiration to us all.
Happy Independence Day, everyone!
Michelle Obama

P.S. Today, the President and I will welcome more than 1,200 troops and their family members from all over the country to the White House to celebrate with us. We're hosting a special USO concert, featuring Brandi Carlile, Cedric "The Entertainer," The Killers and "The President's Own" U.S. Marine Band, and wrapping up the evening with a view of the fireworks on the National Mall. You can watch the whole thing live on starting at 7 p.m. EDT.

Dear Madam First Lady,

Thank you for this, I have passed your good wishes onto my readers thus;

Kind Regards
Daveyone (actual message contained my name address and phone number.)

Due to the high volume of messages received at this address, the White House is unable to process the email you just sent. To contact the White House, please visit:
Thank you.

The film contained in the top link here was passed to me by Operator Six of Second Class Citizen who has made the tragic coralation between suicides in those facing injustices of the Family Court system and those returning from combat zones around the world and the considerable increase that affects service personel facing this double trauma, it has to stop Now!

Friday, 2 July 2010

So where is YOUR fighting spirit?

One team earn modest wages to risk life and limb for their country and our liberty and are devoted to the task in hand.....

…the other are overpaid self intersted citizens devoted to their bank account and life style and cannot be asked to devote their efforts to their job in hand of just a few weeks playing football in the name of England!

Family Law and

Child Welfare

Injustice has to be

defeated NOW!

Lest we forget!

Lest we forget!
In the year we saw the last of the World War One ‘Tommy’s’ complete his journey on this earth and many World War Two warriors now considering how many more memorials they will attend especially in foreign lands, we appreciate what their lives and those who did not return stand for in giving us freedom of speech and a quality of life many of us take for granted and my thoughts of my late father a peace loving man facing the horror of war from the rear gunning turret of a Lancaster Bomber. (click on picture to see him arrive in the US) My Dad, Eddie (1921-1990)

Listen to the Children!

Listen to the Children!
click on picture for video

Dad is the WORD!

Dad is the WORD!
Darby Jay has a point doesn't he?

Family Justice review e-petition

Family Justice review e-petition
Sign against it NOW!

Roy Wood

Roy Wood
Tell me a story Minister! There ain't no time left to lose!


Are we all prisoners to ourselves?

You thought you had problems?

Time to fix this broken Family Law!


Has it caught up with us?

Are you Hammer or Anvil?

Are you Hammer or Anvil?
Even authority can become voulnerable when WRONG!

Family Justice Reform?

Family Justice Reform?
Lets work together!

It is all about the children...

It is all about the children...
..even at Buckingham Palace!

Kids......this is a role model!

Kids......this is a role model!
(I once saw Lennox Lewis in Mayfair, a big man not just in statue: Davey)

e-petiton for equal parenting in law!

e-petiton for equal parenting in law!
Not much to ask really!

Kings of Rock (any dispute?) click on Guitar

Kings of Rock (any dispute?) click on Guitar
Status Quo have not expressed their opinion of this site, this is just here for light relief to a heavy subject!

100 years on could this be the fete of our ecomony and democracy?

100 years on could this be the fete of our ecomony and democracy?
Ask Nigel Farage!


I hope so!

Just who exactly do they represent?

The Legacy!

The Legacy!
Daveyone Bows-Out!