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Saturday World Review!

I am delighted to introduce AMFORTAS as feature contributor this week. I am grateful to him for words of encouragement,support and philosaphy that has put me in good stead when compiling information on this theme and producing it for others to follow I am also proud to say I have now joined Amfortas on the board at Dadsonair in Oz so we can chat their too, great stuff from the wise man of family law, I look forward to his future contributions!
The most draconian anti-male legislation in Oz is the 'Safe at Home Act' in Tasmania

(States make many of their own Laws)

It includes aspects that sometimes appear on AM from other places, like mandatory arrest - of men;
no bail;
holding 'accused' until they sign an undertaking not to be violent again, before they are allowed to go before a magistrate - therefore admiting guilt. They are not to be taken before a magistrate until they sign ! This means they can be in jail for months without a trial and can only plead guilty;
arrest on the say so of a Policeman without a complaint being made by a spouse;
inclusion of non-spouses, such as flatmates or lodgers. Men - landlords - have been taken from their homes and the home left with a non-paying tenant!

It was introduced into Parliament here by a feminazi Attorney General, drunkard, who had a grudge against her ex-husband.
Whilst I agree you have to keep these little Islanders in check, this reminded me of my CAFCASS reporter who's ex-husband was part of the Families need Fathers campaign so some hope of impartiality (See my forst blog the late Ian Mackay was spokesman for FNF and my Mckenzie friend and alerted me to who my reporter was!) Davey
Also in Australia a news item found by Davey;
There is a man in the County Court of Victoria Australia facing rape and abuse charges by two vengeful, scorned and power and money hungry sisters.
It\'s the ultimate revenge after decades of false allegations and being shown up in the Family Court of Australia to be liars.
Civil rights activists have fought and demonstrated for 20+ years against injustice, Family Court, Police, legal system and it\'s abusers.
The lack of due process and fairness he has received thus far by the legal system can only be interpreted as PAYBACK!!!!
This man is being prevented from putting evidence to the court by the judge, in addition to repetitive breaches of his civil and constitutional rights.
It\'s a serious WARNING and lesson for all us men that there is little justice, if any, in these courts.
GOD BLESS HIS SOUL and PRAY the real truth is revealed and he does not lose his FREEDOM and LIFE!!
He currently has a loving, gorgeous and caring partner and daughter.
We also pray this mess is over soon and they can be reunited as a proper family, and allowed some peace as God intended.
Please post your comments of support for this man and his family -
We will keep you posted...
My thanks go to frostyboy for this item from Canada Davey
Concordia professor tells men to 'man up'

Concordia University professor Anthony Synnott is concerned
about a human rights issue that’s often scrutinized, but not
often discussed: what about men’s rights?
Synnott spoke at the University of New Brunswick’s Fredericton
campus on October 8 to discuss his new book, “Re-Thinking
Men: Heroes, Villains and Victims.” He sat in the hot seat as he
discussed his theories on masculinity and equality for men. He
believes that in the quest for women’s rights, men’s rights have
been either forgotten or ignored.
He claimed that during and since the feminist movement, society has portrayed men as inferior and a social problem.
“Prejudice against ethnic groups is called ‘racism;’ prejudice against women, ‘sexism;’ and prejudice against men is considered really, really funny,” he said.
Continuing to draw attention to society’s apparent prejudice against men, Synnott admitted that men do commit more homicides and crime than women, but men are also killed more than women in homicides.
Why are men killing men, then, and why aren’t we doing something to stop it? Because men are seen as naturally more aggressive and dangerous, he suggested.
Hate literature discusses how men are ‘in fact’ the inferior and more violent sex, proving their point by using the examples of male villains throughout history such as Hitler, Stalin and Hussein. Synnott reminded the audience of some of history’s male heroes, including Gandhi, Churchill, and Mandela – and also touted the reality that the majority of men are not killers and rapists.
Synnott is not only concerned with the negative portrayal of men in society but also the lack of support men receive. He said that while it is true that male-dominated jobs have higher wages and are unionized more than female-dominated jobs, jobs that men are more likely to have have recently suffered more cuts.
He said that there is not nearly the same amount of organizations or support groups out there for men as there are for women, which has led to men making up the majority of the homeless population.
And there are other statistics we are choosing to ignore, he said. There are more females enrolled in post-secondary education than males. He said men usually work in more high risk environments and are more prone to health issues, yet there is a higher percentage of men who do not have healthcare.
Less money, Synnott said, is put into the research of male-specific diseases and there are fewer academic studies done about male problem areas.
Although he talked about heavy subject matter in a roomful of people ready to jump down his throat, Synnott cracked jokes and kept much of his audience smiling. After being interrupted a few times by inquiries about his sources, followed by some debates, questions were taken, putting Synnott’s viewpoint under the microscope.

He said that he often faces hostile and defensive audiences, and that it surprises him how closed-minded people can be toward his unique perspective.
Synnott asked men to “man up,” a term he learned from a female student – though he did not share her definition, which requested that men “Get beer, not white wine. Don’t get the baguette, get the steak. Stop whining, and just do it . . . oh, and hit on us more.”
Instead, he requested that men start organizing and fighting for their rights as women have done – because as everyone learns at some point or other, ignoring problems does not make them go away, and they only come back later to bite you even harder.
“So gentlemen, man up. There are things to do here.”

As I did a mid week special on the US I have just a couple of points to make here. I have offered a supplimentry US item in my International section for an on going case(s) of injustice and I have put a useful New York times item above if you click on the word Saturday! More from the US next Time, Davey.

Fathers-4-Justice nominated for
South African Human Rights Council Award
Dear Sir/ Madam
The South African Human Rights Commission notes that you have been nominated for promoting transparency and the Right to Know. We acknowledge and appreciate your efforts in promoting a culture of information sharing and protecting the fundamental right to know and other human rights.
The Commission works with the Right to Access Information and will be very keen to work with and provide support to your organization. We provide training on the Promotion of Access to Information Act free of charge. We also provide any other assistance that may be required in the implementation of the Promotion of Access to Information Act.
We look forward to establishing a fruitful working relationship and advancing a culture of human rights.
For any assistance please do not hesitate to contact our offices.
Warm regards
Nokwanda Molefe
Promotion of Access to Information Unit Can you imagine this in the UK?

Good morning

From the nomination form for the GK Awards ,the SAHRC has taken note of the type of work you do and is keen to explore what kind of support interventions we can provide to the organization (training assisting with protocols development etc ).
Please find attached herein an invitation to attend the IO Forum and GKA Ceremony.

Lwazi Mtshiyo

I am delighted to report my blog and other comments I have appeared on, have arrived at Google under Grandparents4justice and will keep you informed of the progress with this campaign everytime you see the picture of Gloria Hunniford here.I was also pleased to be asked to approve a You Tube on Parental Alienation and this appears here under fighter mommy!I have also just been asked to contribute to another John Hemming MP blog, so hi ho hi ho it's off to blog I go!! Davey.

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