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A whole world of Superheros...............but why?

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When I first saw a superhero firing fireworks off a crane near Tower Bridge in London in 2003 I wondered what motivated a man to do this and was he showing the world he was being a responsable parent? Having gone through the Family Courts in 2004 I found I had more sympathy for this guy, as the injustice I discovered would not be accepted in normal society as it breaches all the norms we have come to expect in Human rights, racial equality and respect and most especially sexual equality!

The system is rotton to the core from ineffectual judges who use 'Baby Peter' style social workers as scapegoats and rely too heavily on their spurious statements to make final and irreversable judgements. Lawyers see it as a golden oppertunity to make fast money with out any accountability and then the hangers on including CAFCASS, CSA, CPS and CYFS all fail our kids whilst pretending to do what is in the child's best interest. Well your honour you have failed and continue to fail day after day and so many children grow up with a life of missed oppertunities and regret because of all these so called legal professionals and associated agencies hide behind the secret and close unaccounable Family Law system!
Traffic chaos as Sydney Harbour Bridge reopens after protest
Glenda Kwek
May 13, 2011 - 8:56AM

A man describing himself as ex-military has been arrested following a daring protest this morning which closed the Sydney Harbour Bridge in both directions.

The northbound and southbound lanes were reopened about 7.30am, a Transport Management Centre spokesman said.

The "ex-military'" protester abseils down after staging his Harbour Bridge protest. Photo: Getty Images
Just before 7am, the 38-year-old protester, who unveiled two banners "Kids Only" and "Plz Help My Kids" at the top of the bridge, abseiled down to the road below, where he was met by police officers.

Commuters have been warned to expect major delays following the protest, which started just after 5am.

The Western and Northern train lines were back to their normal timetable but flow-on delays in both directions were expected, City Rail said.

A Fairfax journalist said there were rows of up to six people deep at Town Hall train station.

The protester speaks on his mobile phone after unfurling banners on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Photo: Brendan Esposito
"Most people seem understandably frustrated," he said.

There were also minor delays on the North Shore Line, CityRail said.

'Extremely heavy' traffic

But a Transport Management Centre spokesman said traffic was "extremely heavy on all approaches to the harbour bridge".

As of 8.30am, the spokesman said the main concerns were the southbound traffic from the northern beaches.

He said the traffic on Military Road was still fairly heavy and there were queues back to Mosman.

The southbound traffic on the Warringah and Gore Hill freeways were jammed back to the Lane Cove Tunnel.

Traffic going across the Anzac Bridge was flowing but there were further delays on citybound lanes on Victoria Road in Rozelle, he said.

Traffic on the Harbour Bridge itself was flowing at a similar volume to what was usually expected for this time of the morning, although there were queues to get onto the bridge, he added.

There were no concerns about traffic on the Eastern Distributor.

'Get my kids and other kids help'

The man, who said his name was "Mick", spoke to a number of media outlets and identified himself as "ex-military", AAP reported.

He reportedly said that he had equipment that could cause danger to commuters and so had left a note with his truck to close the bridge, the ABC reported.

He told the Nine Network: "If I have to stuff four million people around for one morning and that gets my kids and other kids help one day sooner [then] I have achieved my goal.

"If that draws attention to the fact DOCS is a failed department that's letting our children down than I have achieved my goal.

"This is a peaceful protest. It's to give a voice to little people. Most fathers or mothers that are victims of this sort of stuff have not got anyone to turn to. At the end of the day I have got the ability to stage a peaceful demonstration and make people stand up and pay attention."

He also spoke to 2GB radio host Alan Jones this morning by mobile phone about 6.40am.

Jones said the man's problems would be raised with DoCS or the minister in charge of children's services if he came down from the bridge.

The man replied that he would come down.

The man also told Triple M radio: "There are systematic fails in both federal and state governments ... the police and also the school systems that are letting our children down. And the children don't have a voice.

"There is a major failure in the fact that there's no one looking after our kids when parents separate and divorce.

"I've been pushed and pushed and pushed. I'm not just doing this for me, I'm doing this for my kids."

He also spoke about "parental alienation syndrome", which he described as a situation where a child insults one parent without justification, often due to indoctrination by the other parent.

The man has been taken by police to North Sydney Police Station and "charges were likely", police said in a statement.

In March, a truck driver was arrested after a pile of dirt was dumped on the Harbour Bridge, closing two lanes, in an apparent protest.

Public reaction

Aaron Fuller, a commuter stuck in the traffic, said he hoped the man could help "a community break out of our apathetic ways".

"Today, this man ... has risked everything to bring to light his concerns. Sure, there are other ways, but apart from painting No War on the opera house, how else to get 4+million Sydney siders to pay attention.

"Let us not be concerned about how long it took us to get to work, but instead, let us support this guy, or at least, be curious enough to dig more into his claims, and demand as a collective, something is done.

"We can live with a traffic jam, not another horror story around a child being abused or neglected."

Full inquiry: NSW Roads Minister

The NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay told the ABC: "The man was driving a vehicle, pulled up beside the pylon, got out of his vehicle, took a ladder and put the ladder over the high fences that had been erected.

"Now we need to do a full inquiry of the effectiveness of the security, both of the patrol people and the rather ugly fences that are now on our beautiful bridge."

with Stephanie Gardiner, Georgina Robinson and AAP

The bottom line is this has to change and NOW! The Family Law review currently being held in London should be replicated in the USA, Canada australia and New Zealand and wo betide if they prove to be a white-wash!! Davey

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